$85 Million in New Transportation Improvements Announced

Information from the Georgia Department of Transportation – Road projects worth $35 million in South Georgia, and reconstructing a busy Bartow County interchange and widening two sections of an important South Georgia economic development highway are among some $85 million in new
transportation infrastructure improvements announced today by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Rebuilding the crowded U.S. Highway 41 /State Route 3 interchange with U.S. Highway 441 /State Route 61 will cost $31.5 million and require Department contractors to construct a total of nine bridges – six permanent structures spanning IJS41 1 /SR6, a rail line and Pettit Creek as well as three temporary detour bridges for traffic to use during construction of the project. Work is expected to continue through December, 201 7, conducted by C.W. Matthews Contracting Co., Inc., of Marietta.

In Brooks and Colquitt counties in Southwest Georgia, contractors will widen more than Il miles of State Route 1 33, a 66-mile Governor’s Road Improvement Program (GRIP) corridor stretching from Albany to Valdosta. The Brooks work – on a 6.7 mile section – will extend from Pauline
Church Road to Troupeville Road. It will be done by Reames and Son Construction Company, Inc., of Valdosta, for $20.7 million and is to be finished by June 30, 2016.

The $15 million Colquitt section is on 4.4 miles between the Moultrie Bypass/State Route 35 and Hawthorne Drive. Reames will perform that work also with a targeted completion date of July 31, 2016. The GRIP program was begun in 1989 and is designed to insure that virtually all Georgia communities have close access to four-lane state highways and also to the Interstate Highway System.

Other projects announced today include:

A $5 million bridge on State Route 36 over the Flint River between Upson and Talbot counties; to be built by Scott Bridge Company, Inc., of Opelika, AL; and

A new $4.4 million overpass in Gwinnett County that will widen and carry Walther Boulevard near Lawrenceville over State Route 316. The new overpass will feature a center turn lane, bike lanes and a sidewalk. It will be built by G.P.’s Enterprises, Inc., of Auburn, GA.

Information on construction schedules, lanes closures and possible detours on each project will be made available in advance of construction activities. Georgia DOT requests that all motorists exercise caution at all times, especially in Department work zones where workers and heavy
equipment are in close proximity to roadways.

Details on these and other newly awarded projects can be found through the Award Announcement Downloads at: https://www.bidx.com/ga/letting?Iettingid=14062001

Since January, Georgia DOT has awarded 80 major construction contracts across the state valued at more than $421 million. However, the Department’s ability to continue maintaining and growing the state’s transportation network will be severely restricted beginning next month
unless Congress acts immediately to provide necessary federal funding.

The State of Georgia is a global economic power; only 10 other states and just 27 nations worldwide have more productive economies. And every segment of Georgia’s economy -from agriculture to manufacturing to tourism – depends on the state’s transportation system to thrive. Transportation drives Georgia’s economy. Additional transportation funding is necessary to keep Georgia a national and world leader.

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